Welcome to Oxford International College (OIC) Brighton.

What you’ll find here is a warm, open-minded, ambitious College with
a truly-global outlook.

Our students are going to be the pioneers of the future, whatever their chosen field, and to nurture them we’re unafraid of doing things a little differently. We know that our students and you, their families, want the best possible academic outcomes and we wholeheartedly share that ambition, whilst recognising that there are multiple pathways to reach those goals.

Building on the successful model of OIC Oxford, one of the UK’s top A-Level colleges, our strategic approach prepares each student for their chosen pathway through close personal tutoring, rigorous academic monitoring and a crafted Super Curricular programme which supports your child in building an impressive profile of achievements and skills.

As a parent, the future for our children can seem daunting. At OIC Brighton, we know that the future is an international one and that future generations will need to be able to compete on a global stage. Our students will benefit enormously from being part of an international community – not just through the sharing of their lives and learning with classmates from around the world but also by an approach to education which values multiple viewpoints and highlights the best educational approaches the world has to offer.

At OIC Brighton we’re able to draw from the best of both local and international traditions to create something truly unique and exciting, ensuring that our students are nurtured, supported and challenged in a community which reaches far beyond its physical borders.


Tess St Clair-Ford,
Founding Principal

Tess brings a wealth of experience to the college, with a career spanning over a decade in senior roles in independent schools, most recently as Head of Senior School at Harrow Shanghai since August 2020. She has also led teams of examiners of IGCSE English Literature for more than five years.

An advocate of student wellbeing and the positive effect this has on academic outcomes, Ms. St Clair-Ford has supported students in gaining entry to the world’s top universities; in particular, leading programmes specifically designed to prepare students for entry to Oxford and Cambridge.

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